Knowledgeable Pruning for Landscaping Montgomery AL Properties

One of the most daunting tasks any homeowner or property manager can tackle is the pruning of shrubs, bushes, woody ornamentals and small trees on property.

Proper pruning takes skill and knowledge, and depending on the arbor you are working, can be risky. Improper pruning, or “just whacking it off” as many people tend to do, can easily damage the bush or shrub making it susceptible to infection, insect infestation, or fungus. It also often leaves the bush or shrub unsightly, misshapen, or losing a season or more of bloom because the pruner did not know how to correctly and safely remove branches, dead wood, and problem areas within the structure of a shrub.

Montgomery Landscaping and Lawn Care Pro is a professional landscaping service based in Montgomery. We have many years of experience in the correct pruning of woody stem small trees, shrubs, bushes, hedges, ornamentals, and other plants that need a healthy but well-done haircut on occasion.  Professional Montgomery landscape contractors like Landscape Montgomery AL and Lawn Care Pro have the training and know the methods for how to choose what branches to remove or shorten, and how to treat the ends of larger cuts to avoid infestation and infection in your plantings. Having a professional take care of those pruning jobs is safe, economical, and protects your investment in your property. We are licensed and insured, and come highly recommended. Let us take care of the challenging, tough job of correctly pruning your shrubs and bushes. We clean up our mess and leave your property looking drive by tour ready.

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There are some woody stem plants that are common in our area that need special attention to make sure they are pruned corrected and at the right time of year in order to not damage the buds for the next season of floral splendor. Among those are lilacs, redbuds, dogwoods, forsythia, azaleas, camellias, and other substantial shrubs and bushes that each have particular needs both for pruning and feeding. Our trained landscaping crews know each type of plant and have many years of experience knowing how to care for them. Whether you need crepe myrtles pruned attractively or mock oranges cut back, we can take care of the job efficiently for you. 

Call our office or send in our convenient contact form, and we will give you a call.  We will come out at a convenient time to walk the project plantings with you and provide a free estimate for the work you need completed, as well as suggestions for pruning and care for those plants. We know that you take great pride in your Montgomery landscape, and we want to make sure that your shrubs and bushes look their best at all times. Whether it is a hedge, vine covered pergola, specimen plants, jasmine fence line, or other, we have the experience to do pruning that keeps your plants healthy, contained, and working well with the rest of the foliage on your property. Call us and let us take care of this big landscaping task for you for the best possible health and look for your yard.